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Flooring Sanitation and Tourism

Covid-19 has caused travelers to value more than comfortable beds, hotel amenities and access to the hotel pool. Cleanliness and safety are now priorities for customers when booking a hotel stay. We are starting to see a trend in hotel flooring as we move through the Covid-19 pandemic.

We are seeing a shift in flooring where hoteliers are looking to further improve their property’s sanitation by way of new flooring. Hotel general managers are contacting us to discuss cleaner flooring options that are long lasting and offer antimicrobial benefits. This uptick in better sanitation is instigated by travelers wanting to know that their hotel room and the hotel common areas have been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.

Many hotels are now focusing on waterproof vinyl flooring, porcelain tile (including large format tile), and carpet tiles in common areas to meet these needs. The Flooring Resource has many options available to help hotels revamp their flooring for maximum sanitation.

Flooring such as SPC waterproof vinyl is durable, easy to clean, looks expensive, and offers many color and pattern choices. This type of vinyl plank flooring has the look of natural wood and stone. The Flooring Resource is proud to offer the American made ROKplank brand of waterproof vinyl flooring. This stone composite flooring is composed of many layers and offers sound reduction, comfort, 100% waterproof capability, a wide array of prints available, and protective layers to protect both the pattern/color choice as well as provide a scratch resistant UV coating. We also offer Tru-Stone premium European SPC flooring. This product also has many layers, colors, and pattern choices.

Porcelain tile along with large format tile offers great value. It is a wonderful option for hallways, lobbies, bathrooms, walls, and even outside areas such as pools. This flooring option is durable, easy to clean, low maintenance and highly resistant to wear and tear. The Flooring Resource offers many options of porcelain tile including the American made Epic porcelain tile by Milestone.

Carpeting and the underlayment have traditionally been a breeding ground for microorganisms. Older carpeting typically has older underlayment or carpet cushion that no longer protects against the growth of mold, mildew, bacteria and dustmites. These are all triggers for asthma and allergies. Newer carpet cushion/underlayment is made with better technology that offers antimicrobial protection. Ocean front hotels in Florida typically fall victim to mold and mildew thanks to the heat and humidity. If carpeting is preferred, we generally recommend hoteliers select a higher end underlayment and an easy to clean type of carpet. Carpet squares can also make a great option thanks to its durability, easy to installation and ease of cleaning. If damaged, individual carpet tiles can be easily replaced.

Best sanitation practices are now a regular part of any resort operation. We offer many long lasting, antimicrobial options for all hospitality venues including hotels, resorts, time shares, condominiums, ball rooms, meeting rooms, and convention centers. Our goal is to help our friends in the hospitality industry with the best flooring options so they can continue to promote safety and cleanliness as part of their resort standards.

Our website galleries showcase the many flooring options we have available. We carry a full line of Rokplank, Tru-Stone SPC, Shaw and Parkay flooring products. With our over 33 years of experience in the flooring industry, we are committed to offering customers the best quality flooring at unbeatable prices. We invite you to stop by our showroom at 2480 Silver Star Road in Orlando, Florida to see all the options.

We look forward to meeting all your flooring needs!

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