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Carpet For Residential, Commercial and Hospitality

Do you want to make an impact?  Change the statement of your home, hotel, or business?  


Carpeting is a fairly inexpensive way to change the feel of your flooring.  When you use carpet on your flooring there are many advantages including durability, absorbing sound, offering warmth and insulation and providing safety.  At The Flooring Resource we offer a variety of carpet colors, designs, and patterns.

Breakaway winter white residential carpeting
hotel carpet seven
Neyland Urban Legend Commercial Carpeting

Carpet can be comfortable while still having a luxurious feel.  With it's slip-resistant material and cushiony under pad slip and fall accidents are minimized particularly in public areas.  Many people prefer carpeting as it reduces sound.  Many hotels will use carpet tiles for noise reduction and easy maintenance.  Homeowners will also prefer carpet in rooms where the potential for noise is greater.

Carpeting offers consumers and business owners the flexibility to design their space the way they envision it.  The Flooring Resource is proud to offer the American made Shaw line of carpeting. The Shaw brand of carpeting is the industry leader with R2X stain and soil resistance technology built into their carpeting.

Shaw carpeting offers different backing such as lifeguard spill-proof backing.  This backing helps prevent pet odor accidents as well as spills from soaking through to the pad and the subfloor.  This backing is easy to clean and pet-approved.  

Another option offered by The Flooring Resource is the SoftBac platinum carpet backing.   This backing has many benefits such as a no-wrinkle guarantee, higher sound absorption, increase in insulation capacity, softness, flexibility, and less visible seams. 
Get ready to re-design and enhance your living space.  Explore the many carpet options available online or stop by our showroom on Silver Star Road.  Let us help you create the look you want!  We offer a variety of residential, commercial and hospitality carpet options.  We proudly carry American made products so your job won't be disrupted by material shortages.

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