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What's The Buzz on Life Proof?

Calling all kids, pets and foot traffic! Life Proof flooring WILL stand a chance!

What does it mean to have a Life Proof floor?

A Life Proof floor can withstand the wear and tear from pretty much anything that can walk across it. Liquid and food stains, pet soils and non-stop foot traffic are no match for a Life Proof floor.


A Life Proof carpet is made with a built in stain and soil protection that will not wash or wear away. Red wine, coffee and other tough stains won't permanently stain a Life Proof carpet. The carpet fibers in a Life Proof carpet have been re-engineered to penetrate so liquid and dirt is repelled and stays on top of the carpet. Most standard carpets, so those that are not Life Proof, have a topical application that does not withstand the wear and tear the a carpet can endure. A topical protection typically does not prevent liquid and odor causing accidents from soaking through the pad and down to the subfloor. A Life Proof carpet will prevent this from happening.

Vinyl Plank Flooring

Rokplank flooring offers a 100% waterproof, pet friendly, stain resistant and impact resistant product. We are proud to carry this American made product. Many of our customers looking to have a wood floor look and feel are turning to the Rokplank vinyl plank flooring. This product is scratch resistant so can withstand indoor pets while giving a natural wood feel and surface texture. Many of our clients have used this flooring because of its versatility and affordability. Its lifetime residential warranty is another very attractive benefit too.

There is a different between waterproof flooring and water resistant flooring. They are grossly different in how they hold up with liquid. We encourage consumers to know the difference before deciding on a particular color or brand. For more information, click here to read more.

Waterproof Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring is another good option particularly the waterproof line. Many homeowners have opted for waterproof vinyl flooring in the case of imperfect subfloors. If you have been told your concrete slab has a wave or it has other imperfections you may want to consider a waterproof vinyl floor solution thanks to its thickness it can hide the imperfections that may exist with your slab. Some flooring companies will recommend leveling your slab. Avoid that expense and consider a waterproof vinyl flooring option. Homeowners can appreciate a waterproof vinyl floor for several reasons. Two of the largest benefits: 1) water proof solution and 2) No maintenance!

This waterproof solution is a good option for rooms that encounter frequent spills. We are often asked about maintenance to a particular flooring application. With the waterproof vinyl flooring all that is needed is an occasional damp mop to clean, no heavy chemicals are needed.

Is a stain resistant flooring like a LifeProof worth the money?

YES!! Typically a LifeProof floor will come a generous warranty. Homeowners will also protect their flooring underlayment. When a floor is not stain and liquid resistant, the probability that the underlayment will be damaged greatly increases.

We invite you to visit our showroom located at 2480 Silver Star Road. We have several LifeProof flooring samples in stock. For more information please don't hesitate to give us a call at 407-245-7780.

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