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Which American Made Flooring Is Right For Your Home?

First, we recommend going with an American made product. The shipping industry is still suffering in part due to the COVID19 pandemic. When the world shut down in 2020 from the pandemic, shipping containers were basically parked and due to COVID restrictions were not unloaded, reloaded and sent to their next destination. What we have now is an over-abundance of containers sitting in the wrong destination. In March 2021, the ship blocking the Suez Canal for 6 days further pushed delays. We have several customers wanting flooring from overseas, however, the wait time is severe and is pushing their job completion to much later in 2021 and for some into 2022.

We highly recommend clients buy American made flooring to avoid the headaches of product delays. Price wise it’s also more affordable to buy American made. The cost of shipping has significantly increased due to the shipping issues mentioned earlier. For clients looking for a waterproof flooring option or a stone composite floor (vinyl plank flooring) we highly recommend ROKplank products. All of their flooring is made in the United States. Their factory is in Cartersville, Georgia and we always have their products readily available.

As you consider flooring in your home, the following are examples of different types of flooring and the types of rooms they look best in:


A kitchen is a high traffic area where spills are bound to happen. This room needs to have durable and easy to clean flooring since the kitchen is frequently the gathering area/entertaining area in a home. Our suggestions include: Porcelain tile, wood look porcelain tile, and Lifeproof SPC vinyl plank by ROKplank made in the USA.


Bathrooms face moisture from showers, tubs, sinks, and toilets. We recommend options that will be able to withstand all of these wet places. We suggest porcelain tile, large format tile such as Epic Porcelain Tile by Milestone (Florim) or Lifeproof SPS vinyl plank by ROKplank. We offer a variety of colors and patterns.

Living room and family room:

These areas are usually considered as “the heart of the home” because it’s the usual place where families gather to watch tv, play games, and just chill out. These rooms offer more options to choose from based on your personal preference. You can make your living room and family room flooring choices consistent with your kitchen choice and have wood look porcelain tile throughout your home. Many people prefer to have carpeting under there feet. We offer many options for you to choose from including American made products that feature the Shaw product line of carpeting.


Once again, a bedroom can be floored in a variety of flooring choices. Continue with the same flooring throughout your home for continuity or change it up. The choice is up to you. We can help guide you to find the perfect flooring for your bedroom. Carpet, tile, vinyl plank, are all good options for a bedroom. One thing to consider is allergies. If people have allergies you may consider flooring options that reduce allergens and don’t hold dust.

American made flooring products are the affordable and timely option right now. By choosing one of these products, ROKplank, Milestone by Florim, or Shaw carpeting, your flooring will arrive sooner, and you will most likely pay less. At The Flooring Resource, we support American made and our US economy. By going with American made products your order will help keep Americans employed, reduce greenhouse gases, you will have a quicker turnaround time in the order process, you will receive a quality product, and the best part is you can take pride in knowing you helped to support an American business.

Our team has over 33 years’ experience in the flooring industry. We look forward to helping you find the perfect flooring for every room in your home. We are committed to offering our customers the best quality flooring at unbeatable prices. Stop by our showroom at 2480 Silver Star Road in Orlando, Florida or give us a call at 321-245-7780.

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