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Why Buy American Made?

Updated: May 17, 2021

The Flooring Resource is proud to offer American made products to our customers. These products include those from Rokplank flooring, Milestone tile by Florim USA, and Shaw carpeting. All of these manufacturers make their products in the United States.

We also offer a host of other products made outside of the United States, however, there there are many benefits to buying American made flooring products such as:

• Supporting the economy and keeping money flowing within the US

• Keeping Americans employed

• Reduced greenhouse gases

• Supply chain – sourced locally so delivery is quicker, no waiting for product to come from overseas

• Quality product

• Patriotism – pride in supporting American businesses

• Quicker turnaround time – from placing your order, to delivery to installation

One of the most recent events in the news was the container ship, Ever Given, stuck in the Suez Canal. This ship carrying upward of 20,000 shipping containers was lodged in the canal sideways. The six-day block of the canal left a massive global supply chain delay which could last weeks or longer. Over 420 vessels sat waiting for Ever Given to be freed. Analysts expect it could take another 10 days to clear the blockage of container ships waiting to pass through. This latest “traffic jam” in the Suez Canal is estimated to have held up $9 billion dollars a day in global trade and strained the supply chains already suffering from the Coronavirus pandemic.

This type of situation is not common but historically there have been other unforeseeable interruptions in global supply chains that has trickled down to the consumer. We invite consumers to visit our show room located at 2480 Silver Star Road in Orlando, Florida. We have on display both our American made and foreign imports. Consumers can look at the quality between our different flooring products and we can discuss delivery and accessibility.

At the Flooring Resource we stock 18 colors of RokPlank and carry their vinyl plank, parquet, waterproof vinyl, and wood products. This product is 100% waterproof, pet friendly, stain resistant, and impact resistant. To learn more about our RokPlank line we encourage you to click here for more information or stop by our showroom.

For customers looking to buy American made large format tile for use on flooring and walls, we are proud to carry Milestone by Florim. This manufacturer is one of the “largest and most technologically advanced porcelain facilities in North America.” Their products offer a unique Italian style for both residential and commercial homes and businesses. Miliestone by Florim is a well known in the tile industry and their quality products are also made in America.

Shaw carpeting is a well respected brand in the flooring industry. We proudly carry this American made carpeting. They stand behind their product and offer many types of carpeting for both residential and commercial use. Much of their carpet line can withstand the wear and tear of kids and pets. Their product development teams continue to introduce new trends in color and design to keep up with consumer demand.

Our team at The Flooring Resource has over 33 years of experience in the flooring industry. We strive to offer our customers the best service along with the most innovative products. We stock tiles, carpet, hardwood, vinyl plank, and laminate.

We are located at 2480 Silver Star Road in Orlando, Florida. We offer both residential and commercial flooring products for both homeowners, hotels, resorts, and businesses. We are happy to answer any questions that you may have. Please give us a call at 321-245-7780 or stop by our showroom on Silver Star Road.

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