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What's The Buzz About Waterproof Vinyl Plank Flooring?

Are you ready to re-do the flooring in your home or business? Waterproof vinyl plank is a wonderful option for many areas and comes in a variety of styles, colors, and patterns. At The Flooring Resource, we are proud to offer Lifeproof SPC Vinyl Plank by ROKplank. Our showroom, located at 2480 Silver Star Road in Orlando, Florida, offers a close-up look at this quality American made product.

What Is Vinyl Plank?

Vinyl plank is a synthetic material that is made up of several different layers. The ROKplank brand of vinyl plank starts with a high density IXPE pad underlayment which helps to reduce sound and provide extra comfort. The next layer is the core layer which is stone polymer composite (SPC). This core layer is 100% waterproof. On top of that layer is the HD print film which is the actual design/look of the vinyl plank. There are then 2 layers over that consisting of the wear layer which protects the HD film and then the ultimate shield scratch resistant UV coating which is ten times stronger at resisting scratches, stains, and abrasives then regular UV.

Advantages of Vinyl Plank:

ROKplank Lifeproof SPS vinyl plank is 100% waterproof which makes it an excellent choice for areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, or kitchenettes in a work environment. Vinyl plank is a long-lasting material that requires minimal maintenance. Sweep the floor regularly, wipe up spills promptly, or use a dust mop to clean the area. This flooring is also kid and pet friendly because it is scratch and indentation resistant. Vinyl plank is durable and holds up to heavy foot traffic which is often found in a commercial environment. Vinyl plank has longevity. Unlike wood flooring, vinyl plank is impervious to termites. This material is shock absorbent and comfortable to walk on. This flooring can be installed on top of your subfloor as long as the subfloor is in good condition. The best part about vinyl plank is that it is an affordable option when looking to renovate.

About ROKplank:

ROKplank is a US company based in Cartersville, GA. They use local and global materials. Their products meet or exceed the USA quality standards. Their flooring contains no formaldehyde, no phalates, no heavy metals, no benzene, and no plasticizes. This is a plus for those who are sensitive to chemicals. Their product is readily available thanks to being based in the United States.

Why Buy American Made?

Products are much more affordable and readily available when you buy American made. The shipping container issues we’ve had for the majority of 2021 are still a problem. Those who purchase American made flooring products typically experience on-time project completion and less issues with product availability. Other advantages of buying American made include keeping Americans employed and helping to reduce greenhouse gases. Click here to read more about buying American made flooring.

The Flooring Resource is proud to offer the American made ROKplank products to our customers. If you are ready for a flooring change, please stop by our showroom at 2480 Silver Star Road in Orlando, Florida 32804. Our team has over 33 years’ experience in helping consumers find the best flooring for their home. We promise to offer our customers the most innovative products and the best service in the industry along with quality flooring at unbeatable prices. If you have any questions, please give us a call at 321-245-7780. We look forward to helping you.

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